“Dusty Baker was a natural hitter and is a good communicator. I highly recommend this book as a teaching Hank Aaron, Hall of Fame

“It only takes one glance at the back of Dusty Baker’s baseball card to understand why I take advice from him during the regular season. Dusty’s ability to relate to today’s hitters both amateur and professional is something that separates him from most hitting instructors.”

Joey Votto,

Cincinnati Reds, NL MVP, 2010

“Dusty Baker had a ton of impact on my hitting career. The main aspect of the game that he helped me with was the mental side of hitting. ”

Will Clark, former major-leaguer for the Giants, Rangers,Orioles, and Cardinals.

“Dusty Baker was a big factor in the radical jump of my career after joining the Giants. ”

Kevin Mitchell, former cialis cost major-leaguer for teams such as the Giants, Mets, and Reds.

“Dusty breaks the mental game down with each individual. He makes you get into your mind and think about what you are doing. He works very hard at his job and gains satisfaction at that. ”

Matt Williams, former major-leaguer for the Giants, Indians, and DBax.

“Dusty Baker is the type of person you can trust, both as a hitting coach and as a person. When he tells me something, I know I can trust his input. He treats all the players the same, whether they are rookies or veterans. His greatest strength is with my mental game. I draw strength zoloft commercial from both on and off the field.”

Willie McGee, former major-leaguer for teams such as Giants, Red Sox, A’s, and Cardinals.