More on Bat Selection

Bat selection can be more complex with some of the new regulations related to bat specifications. This is about helping players find a bat that they can effectively handle. In order to maximize batcvelocity a hitter needs to choose a bat length that allows the hitter to efficiently start and stop the swing.

We suggest for hitters younger than 12, choose a length that allows for a quick, smooth and effortless swing. Much will depend on your size and strength, but err on the side of the shorter at length. For hitters 13 to 15, bat length will generally be 30″ to 31″ range. Hitters 16 – 18 normally use 32″

or 33″ bats with a few players capable of handling a 34″ bat. More than ever before, the high school hitter must select a bat that allows consistent contact with the “sweet spot”.

The change in bat material specifications has reduced the sweet spot / prime hitting area dramatically, so battling the size of the bat in addition would be counterproductive.

Jeff Mercer co-author and blog contributor