The Systematic Approach To Hitting

A systematic approach to hitting is helpful for both the player and the coach. A system allows the player to associate words, physical exercises and practice to develop skill. Actually, the systematic approach to training has been around since WWII, when it was necessary to teach workers a trade quickly and efficiently. Coaches want to provide exceptional hitting instruction to their players in an efficient manner and players want to be able to remember the system easily so they can apply it when they are at bat.

For example: The systematic approach starts with the player. There is a process or exercise coaches and players should use when selecting the proper bat.

The player is able to learn skill effectively by repetition and reinforcement. We use words like “Ike To Mike” and “Squish The Bug” to help players and coaches understand the technique behind the approach. The player thinks these words are fun! The more fun and relaxed the player is the better their performance.