Dusty has an exciting new book, Dusty Baker’s Hitting Handbook. It is an enhanced ebook on teaching and learning the skill of hitting a baseball. The COMPLETE VERSION contains over 335 pages of reading, 4 hours of video, and 10 hours of audio. Available at iTunes, iBooks and sells for $38.99, it also comes in 3¬†smaller versions consisting of various chapters of the book. These are available at $12.99 each.

Those of you who may be familiar with Dusty’s preceding book and video series, You Can Teach Hitting, will find many similarities, but now the price is only $38.99 for EVERYTHING plus added features such as the audio reading of the entire book and even some review exercises at the end of each chapter. Please beaware that, as of now, there is no printed component of this book, and it is only available for use on an iPad.

NOW AVAILABLE: Enhanced eBook versions for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Vook EBooks!!!

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