Where do I stand in the batter’s box?

Too close or too far away…How do you know how to approach the batter’s box and make sure you are in the best possible position to hit the ball?

The goal of the Depth and Distance portion of the systematic approach to hitting is to make sure you can cover the entire

strike zone. Check out our latest video on this topic for more information.

I remember as a kid that if you could pound the bat on the middle of the base and stood somewhere in the middle of the batter’s box that I was good to go. In actuality, young kids sometimes get as close as possible to the plate, which is not a good idea. At that point, they have put themselves in a position of potential failure.

This is one of those posts, where it is really best for you to see a video on how to help your child or player come to the plate. We call it Depth and Distance. Oh, your kids may wish to emulate MLB players on this…Well, sometimes that is a good idea and sometimes not…

Happy Hitting!