Coaching With Stations

One of the most effective ways to manage a baseball practice is through the use of stations. Coaches are able to have players work on key skill areas during an intensive period of time. Stations could include, hitting from the tee, throwing, fielding and hitting whiffle balls. Coaches group your players into three or four groups and move them at 10 – 15 minute intervals to keep the process moving.

We like to typically split practice up into two major phases with stations being one of the parts with situational hitting as the other. There are two key items for coaches to consider during station work, the first is variety the second is need. Players need variety to stay focused, so doing the same station at each practice could become boring for the younger player. The second is need. During a game, the coach can assess the need of the team and design

practice to enhance those areas. For example, if you team batting average is poor, focus on hitting stations, such as wiffle ball and tee work.

In chapter six of Dusty’s Hitting Handbook, several pictures explain some possible examples of how to leverage stations in practice.

How have you best used stations in practice?