Favorite Winter Drills

The midwest is starting to experience freezing temperatures. Your baseball player may be moving into some indoor sports, which is fantastic. This is not the time however to forget about preparing for the Spring baseball season. There are some fantastic drills to work on indoors in the comfort of your own home.

Here are our top 2 winter baseball hitting drills:

1) Drill #1: The Mirror Drill is one of Dusty Baker’s favorite drills. All you need is a baseball player, the right sized bat and a full length mirror. The batter takes their regular baseball stance and practices their swing. The benefit is the batter can look at their balance, swing and follow through. Check out the video of the drill on page #122 of Dusty Baker’s Hitting Handbook.

2) Drill #2: The Bat Behind the Back Drill is a an easy cream online drill to do indoors. All you need to complete the drill is a bat and a player. The drill starts with the player in their regular stance with the bat behind their back held parallel to the ground. The player strides and pulls making sure he can complete the rotation or squish the bug on the back foot. For more on this drill check out page #117 in Dusty’s Hitting Handbook.

Mom and dad you can head down to the basement or move the furniture around to help you player complete about 15 – 20 reps a day with each of these drills. You will be amazed how this preparation will assist your child at the plate this Spring.

Check out all the drills in Dusty Baker’s Hitting Handbook.

Happy Hitting!