Why Hitting Is Hard?

You will fail at hitting the majority of the time. You will find yourself either striking out, hitting a fly ball or grounding out most of the time. Why do we play the game then if it is wrought with failure? The challenge is what makes it great. The thrilling success of hitting a baseball is one of the most gratifying experiences for an athlete because it is so difficult.

We developed a systematic approach to hitting to make one aspect of hitting easier. The approach can be broken down into several critical areas including: Grip, Depth and Distance To The Plate, Squish The Bug and Ike To Mike. These are easy things to remember and implement. The practice is where the difficulty lies. You have to do the hard to experience the great.

Deliberate practice is your approach to hitting a baseball at your next at bat. Practice and repetition the correct way to maximize your success factors. Practice holding the bat properly. Practice swinging the bat by throwing the bat head at the ball. Practice using the drills in the Hitting Handbook over and over again.

Your success ought to be measured in the amount of correct practice takes place. Success is not always about hitting the ball out of the park. It could be that you applied the best in class fundamentals at each at bat.

I am thrilled that you can now access Dusty’s Hitting Handbook on the Kindle and Nook along with the Itunes bookstore.