Offensive Weapons

Offensive weapons in baseball are more than just getting a base hit. Imagine the situation of a runner on third base with one out. There are at least three options to helping that runner successfully cross home plate. A base hit, a sacrifice fly and the squeeze play are available to the manager.

The squeeze bunt, which is covered in Chapter 5, is not an easy weapon to use, but can certainly catch the defense off guard. The critical aspect here is that the runner on third runs at the pitchers point of release and the hitter successfully lays down a bunt. Techniques for bunting are found in the hitting handbook.

Check out the Bunting Drill for the Hitting Handbook below: The second offensive weapon is the Hit and Run also covered in Chapter 5. The key here is that the hitter makes contact to protect the runner. The runner must go only halfway down the base line to ensure the ball has not been caught and thus a double play would occur. The Hit and Run is an exciting play for the offensive and is an aggressive approach for sure.

These and many more hitting suggestions are found in the full volume of Dusty Baker’s Hitting Handbook. Happy Hitting!